Be a Barbie girl

Hello-A dallssssssssssssssssss! After being some days in Germany and Belgium I finally have time to blog again. Oh gosh I didn't notice before how busy a girl should become if she has two companies=). After my business trip I'm back in Amsterdam for a few days and tomorrow I have meetings around quite Netherlands. So today I have to do all the preparations, making a schedule, planning the round trip and do some calls. Yes I know it's official a free day, but if you love your job you are never really free. Are you guys enjoying the sun?

About the look: the girl you see here is really romantic and colorful. Her favorite colors are purple and pink just as Barbie. She got inspired when she was playing with her dolls in her younger age. Her mama always asked her: what you wanna become when you are older? She said: just an icon as Barbie. Nowadays she is her own Barbie!

 ''When I was a little girl I was always playing & dressing my beautiful barbies. Now I'm a little too ''old'' for playing with barbies, that's why I'm my own barbie... With clothes you can be who you want, just as you played different roles with dolls.''
 The look: Skirt Chicwish, Coat Vintage, Earrings Chanel, Blouse Vintage & Bag Pauls Boutique

Photographer: Ilykaphotography