Just a little princess

Good morning guys on this beautiful, sunny day! I feel it's a perfect day to achieve our new goals. This period in my life is very busy that's why I don't really have time to go too many events or do modeling. When you are starting your second company, you wanna work day and night till the sun starts rising. Then you realize you didn't even sleep, your mind is still awake but your body needs sleep. Do you know this feeling? Today I focus myself on a lot of things; for example doing the social media for NAIM, planning the whole schedule for tomorrow and Friday, many calls, meetings and I have to close new contracts with clients. Last night I found some time to shoot my favorite new look and I have to tell you, this represents me!

Now you gonna ask yourself why this look represents me? If you know me, myself and I, you know that I'm more a girl from the 50s. I love having big hair, wearing petticoats and dresses. I'm also not a girl who likes wearing flats or sneakers, no I prefer having pain and being beautiful with the highest heels then that I feel myself not comfortable. Today this girl is wearing her favorite new pink dress, more a dress from the 50s. Her new feathers bag (very trendy this Spring), metallic heels (not very from this season, but well it fits the look) and a sparkly bracelet. Her story? She was very lonely and sad because she felt like she never gonna find real love. That's why she decided to put on her favorite look and hide herself into the woods, in the hope that maybe one day her prince on the white horse passes by.

''It's better for a girl to sleep a hundred years awakened by the right Prince, than to stay awake and be kissed a hundred times by the wrong frog.''
The look: Dress Chicwish, Bag Lanvin, Necklace Chanel, Shoes Balenciaga & Bracelet Suzywan.

Pictures made by Lars.S