Stop wanting

Happy orange Wednesday! After a full day of hard work; filming, shooting and sporting I'm back home:). The days are totally crazy here! Even the weather was not great for the shoot, but I had some luck with taking those shots. Today I had an very important filming day for another project.  Are you curious? More is following soooooon!

Now about this look: some people may ask me hello Michelle is it again Kings day? No stupid **** I always love many colors! As you know is pink my favorite one, but for this Summer I think Orange is a great option. The psychological view of the color orange is: acquiescent, stubborn, abide, sentimentalist and confident. This tells you how I felt today! 

''As soon as you stop wanting something you get it.''
The look: Dress Labee, Earrings D&G, Necklace Suzywan, Shoes Woden & Coat Labee.

Photographer Lars.S