True beauty in a woman

Hi beautiful peepssssss! I wanna say sorry for not posting the last few days, but like you saw on my instagram and social media is my life very busy at the moment. No excuse I know, but really didn't have the time to post something. However, we are back on track! Now you would ask yourself, where she was busy with? Well with the preparations for many new big projects, like a very important styling job for a big client with six models (three girls and three men) and a styling for one of my artist next Monday in Antwerpen. So that all is taking lot's of time and besides of that I have to close deals with new clients in my agency. Where are you guys busy with? I hope you are just enjoying the Summer!

About this look: today this girl felt romantic and sparkling! Not really knowing where to go or what can happen, if you just wear a beautiful dress and smile. She was walking alone in the forest to get some rest and to make her head clean, sometimes she does this to get new inspiration or dreams. She was dreaming about falling in love with someone who loves her and appreciate her freedom and beauty. When you are a beautiful girl many men will like you, but will you like them? Or will they only love you because or your outside? Do they look into your soul for who you are? I believe the only beauty in a person is the soul.

''True beauty is in a woman is reflected in her soul.''
The look: Skirt Rebelle (Elie Saab), Shoes Balenciaga Top Rebelle (Elie Saab)  & Earrings D&G.

Photographed by team Supongo Estilo