Dear Summer

 Dear Summer,

Today I feel totally colorful, full with happiness and love. The Summer is still in the air, even it's getting colder in the night and the days are getting shorter. Today is a good day! People are having fun on the terrace, I see colorful outfits on the streets, kids are getting ready for school and cozy boats drive by. Summer you are so good please never leave me.

About this look: Like you can see do I feel totally colorful today. I love matching prints and colors! Today I choose for my favorite flower coat and skirt from Ana Alcazar in combination with my metallic Chloe heels and some pretty makeup.

''The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.''
Muah: Merel van Boxel
Photographer: Romy van Leeuwen
Model/ Stylist: Michelle Verpuggi
The look: Skirt AnaAlcazar, Shoes Chloe, Coat AnaAlcazar & Top Lena Library.