Light upon our bikes

Hey lovers,

Today I wanna show you the shoot that I posted yesterday on my Instagram account! I have to keep it short today, because I'm very busy with lot's of things and my next meeting is waiting already... I wake up every day very early and sleep very late, but yes if you do what you love it doesn't matter! 

About this outfit: When we photographed this look I really wanna show my favorite new friend the Peugeot Django in a retro 50s look. That's why I choose this long blouse dress, leather jacket (to make it a little bit more rough), those Jimmy Choo metallic heels, of course a scarf and sunglasses to make this look complete!

The sun has set on another day, allowing our stress to fade away and when it rises and brings light upon our bikes we will win the fight...
The look: Jacket Coolcat, Heels Jimmy Choo, Glasses Chloe & Scarf Vintage.

Photographer: L.S.