Caught you boy

Happy new weeeeeek,

Hope you all had a blessed weekend! Here we were very busy with shooting and meetings, so no weekend for me... But well I love my job and it feels like weekend every day. Now the days are getting colder I finally can wear my favorite fur coats again. 

Today I wanna show you my favorite Autumn look that we just photographed. I Just got my new AGL flora boots, aren't they beautiful? Those gonna be my favorite booties for this season! To complete this look I choose a Filippa K dress, in combination with those statements Ana Dyla accessories and fur coat from Monique Collignon. This look is very romantic and a bit dreamy, totally how I feel today. Do you like this look?

''Every way I move, every way you like
Pulling on my dress, holding me too tight
I know we'll probably lose, only got tonight
But I love the way we kiss, love the way we fight.''
The look: Dress Filippa K, Accessories Ana Dyla, Fur coat Monique Collignon & Boots AGL.

Photographer L.S.