Golden ticket

Bonjour mon amour, 

On this rainy Wednesday it's time for a new glamorous outfit! People always dress for the occasion, but do you remember the times when it was normal that woman wore always dresses and hats? Nowadays people go for comfort, for example just a baggy jeans with a jacket, but do we call this fashion? Sometimes people forget the meaning what fashion is, when I'm walking on the street and I see all those same clothes I think what is happening with this world? Fashion is the only way to express yourself without saying something. This is what we miss these days!

Now about my look: today this girl feels very glamorous, even she doesn't care about which day it's! She just wanna run the streets in her gold dress with blue heels and fur jacket. People look to her like; are you going to a party? No... Every day is a party, embrace it! Wear what you wanna wear and be who you wanna be. Be happy that's the only thing that matters.

Cause I was filled with poison, but blessed with beauty and rage.''
The look: Dress Edith&Ella, Shoes Zara, Earrings Ana Dyla, Coat Monique Collignon, Bag Frenchonista & Watch Nicolevienna.

Photographed by team Supongo Estilo