Exactly what you want

Hello lovers,

Did you buy already all the Christmas presents? Well I didn't... It's so busy here, that I didn't even really had the time for Christmas shopping! You know when you have two companies, you have to make a new business plan for 2017 and finish everything from 2016 (life of an entrepreneur). Normally I'm always on time with this kinda things, but this year it's a mess. Let's hope that I can find everything in one day (fingers crossed).

Now about this look, for my Christmas dinner I was looking for a white sparkling dress and one of my friends, who is a great designer made this beautiful dress for me. What do you think? I think you can wear it in a million ways and it's really perfect for these days! Now I have to run to my next meeting, hope you are all having an amazing day!

Much love, your M.

''I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.''
The look: Dress Bodylanguage, Earrings Chanel & Shoes Jimmy Choo.

Photographer: Selma Safic